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Our bitter herbs mixture is created from selected raw materials, with organic herbs from South Tyrol.

Even Paracelso, Hippocrates and Hildegard von Bingen believed in the power of nature and, for their treatments, they used local bitter medicinal herbs as appetite suppressant and to treat inner pain. As a matter of fact, they had understood their benefits. Indeed, the “bitterness” in medicinal remedies was considered a guarantee of efficacy.

Vegetables grown these days have reduced bitter content due to the crossbreeding that occurred over time, whereas wild plants keep their original bitter components.

alka BITTER HERBS, the benefits for our figure and our wellness:

  • The herbs suggested by Dolcevita Alkaline Lifestyle are extremely alkalizing. They help our body to get rid of acids and dangerous toxins, they bring relief to metabolic processes and to all organs.
  • They purify our blood, they have a soothing and deacidifying effect on our mucous membrane and on our stomach; they bring relief to many digestive problems such as constipation, bloating and gastritis.
  • A regular intake of alka BITTER HERBS reduces cravings for sweets and it helps to break sugar addiction. Besides, bitterness conveys a message to the brain: "Be careful not to eat too much sugar!"
  • After a heavy meal people usually take a digestive, an alcoholic bitter! Actually alcohol burdens the digestion process instead of easing it. On the other hand, a bitter herbs powder, such as alka BITTER HERBS, is much more effective. It stimulates the production of stomach acid and it accelerates the transit from the overloaded stomach.
  • During detox, it supports the detoxification of the whole body.

Components of alka BITTER HERBS mixture and their properties:

  1. Anise: it has an antiseptic effect on the digestive tract, it stimulates digestion, eliminates bloating; it has anti-bacterial properties; its seeds stimulate biliary functions; it has a mucolytic effect.
  2. Alanroot/Elecampane: it disinfects the airway; it has a diuretic action; it promotes urea and chloride excretion, so it purifies; it is especially useful for gout and rheumatic diseases; it regulates menstruation.
  3. Burnet: it is mostly known for its digestive properties; its seeds promote digestion, counteract bloating and cramps. This root has also expectorant, anti-inflammatory, expelling, anti-bacterial, analgesic and hemostatic properties.
  4. Fennel: it has digestive properties, especially for abdominal bloating, it prevents intestinal gas, it is therefore useful against meteorism and aerophagy; it also has blood and liver purifying properties. It is highly anti-inflammatory, especially for the colon.
  5. Cumin: it is a great digestive and a good remedy for bloating and abdominal pain; it is also ideal for halitosis.
  6. Dandelion/Taraxacum: it eases our overall health; it is a natural laxative and diuretic; it is depurative for the liver; it is rich in flavonoids and it is an excellent source of mineral salts.
  7. Yarrow: it is a specific anti-inflammatory for the digestive system, with tonic properties; it is useful for phlebitis, varicose veins and hemorrhoids, since it acts as astringent directly on blood vessels; vermifuge.
  8. Juniper: it is a good digestive booster and a good tonic; it stimulates secretions in general, it is diuretic and disinfectant for the urinary tract, anti-diabetic; it is also an anti-rheumatic, since it promotes the elimination of uric acid and toxins.
  9. Incense resin: it has many qualities, known for its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties and it is used against intestinal diseases. The resin extracted from the incense trunk contains anti-inflammatory substances.
  10.  Wormwood: it can be used as a tonic for stomach and intestine; it has antiseptic properties on ulcers and wounds; it is very beneficial for digestive disorders and it improves stomach and liver function.


  • Bitter herbs can be taken every day without contraindications!
  • 1 teaspoon before the 2 main meals; it is better to wet your mouth with saliva before swallowing or mix them with little water;
  • In order to support digestion, it is ideal to take 1 teaspoon even after eating;
  • In case of gastritis, reflux or inflamed mucous membranes of the gastrointestinal tract, it is recommended to take a knife tip of bitter herbs 6 times a day, every two or three hours, outside of meals.


The more you wet the bitter herbs powder with saliva, the best benefits you get. The bitter taste is sensed on your tongue through the so-called bitter taste receptors on your tastebuds. They are mainly located in the inner part of the tongue. At the tip of the tongue there are other 25 receptors in tight density. They are a protection against any possible poisonings, in fact we normally spit substances that are very bitter. They stimulate the production of saliva and stomach acid. These counteract bacteria and viruses, stimulate the production of digestive juices and at the same time they lower appetite, since they give an immediate feeling of fullness.




“Newbies” find the herbs bitter taste hard to swallow. The cause is an over-acidification of their body (mucous membranes, saliva, etc.); it depends on the strong contrast of the herbs, very alkaline, and the acid pH value of their mouth. After some time, the taste becomes more tolerable; this is the sign that the body deacidification has been carrying out successfully.

The basic rule is: the more bitter the herbs taste in your mouth, the more over-acid your body is!



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