BE BEAUTY BODY - Dolomites BEAUTYSALT pH10 and bath brush

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In the Be BEAUTY BODY package you will find our Dolomites BEAUTYSALT pH10 bath salt and the bath brush with natural bristles and beech wood handle all signed by Dolcevita Alkaline Lifestyle.

Dolomites BEAUTYSALT pH10 bath salt is a natural product without dyes, perfumes, paraffins or chemical surfactants, used in your baths or as packs, it is ideal for deacidifying the body even from the outside, making your skin smooth and regulating the sebum , counteracts stress and gives relief in case of skin problems such as dermatitis, psoriasis or mycosis.

Use our brush during a detox alkaline salt bath, scrubbing the whole body.
The benefits are also there by rubbing only the individual parts of the body such as the extremities: arms and hands, legs and feet.
It would be optimal to rub more intensely the “critical” areas where there are many accumulations of waste, toxins and cellulite. Thus the expulsion through the skin is amplified.
The massage is performed in the direction of lymphatic expulsion, that is, towards the hands and feet, towards the groin, genital, anus and underarms.
For the back, the long handle is applied to the brush for better brushing.

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