EV unfiltered olive oil extracted cold - 500ml

EV unfiltered olive oil extracted cold - 500ml

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Extra virgin olive oil
EXTRAVIRGIN OLIVE OIL, unfiltered and cold extracted, produced with an exclusive blend for DOLCEVITA ALKALINE LIFESTYLE by the AGRICULTURAL COMPANY “LE TRE COLONNE”, an award-winning company worldwide, is a superior category Italian olive oil obtained directly from the olives and solely by mechanical means with controlled pressure to keep the precious nutrients of the fruit intact.
The unfiltered oil presents in suspension microparticles of olive (300 substances or deposits), index of genuineness of the oil, bringing a high value of nutritional healthy contents (antioxidants, polyphenols, tacopherols and vitamins) typical of extra virgin olive oil.
EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL (EVO) from DOLCEVITA ALKALINE LIFESTYLE is an evo product with Ogliarola; a small percentage of Coratina has been added to obtain a more evident fragrance. The oil produced exclusively for DOLCEVITA ALKALINE LIFESTYLE was obtained with olives harvested between the end of
September and the first days of October. An early harvest involves very low yields but very high quality levels, almost impossible to find in all other national olive growing areas.
In fact, the “LE TRE COLONNE” oil mill is the only one to open the plants since the end of September, a month which, by tradition, is dedicated only to the processing of sun-dried almonds in August. The philosophy of this evo is linked to the maximum respect of all the nutrients of the olive. Pressing only with cold mechanical means, extraction of polyphenols from the peanut, no filtering system, make the product selected for DOLCEVITA ALKALINE LIFESTYLE unique.
The extra virgin olive oil comes from a very particular production. Olive harvest of the Ogliarola cultivar from Bari (200 m asl) with east-south exposure and fresh sea ventilation.
The olives are selected to have them absolutely healthy and clean thanks to the manual harvest which is carried out at the beginning of October, taking care to bring the fruits that have just begun the veraison process (pigmentation) to the mill in order to preserve the
antioxidant health characteristics and the absolute fragrance and cleanliness of the olfactory picture that recalls hints of green apple, fresh almond and artichoke heart.
The taste confirms the fragrance and is enriched by the characteristic bitter and spicy tones that for an extra virgin olive oil represent the absolute quality both from a health and organoleptic point of view. The grinding of the olives is carried out with small technological mills where both the olives and the dough obtained have no contact with oxygen, preserving the absolute integrity of the final product, further protected by the absolute control of low process management temperatures.
Early harvesting always gives better quality results although they lead to much more limited quantitative results than a well-ripened olive, but the advantage for health and appreciation is incomparable.
The production area, the countryside of the municipality of Giovinazzo, within the DOP Cima di Bitonto, is one of the areas of greatest interest for olive production on an international level. The density of olive groves in this area has
so that the amount of available evo was reduced over the years to obtain higher quality products.
Sun, very rare rains and the rediscovery of ancient but absolutely avant-garde pruning techniques, has made it possible to harvest olives at ideal ripeness since the beginning of autumn without waiting for the winter months when the quantity of residual water in olives increases production but reduces the healthy and organoleptic quality.
For the characteristics described above it is an evo to be kept in a cool and dry place, away from light and heat sources. Before consumption, the contents must be stirred well and it must also be consumed quickly after opening.

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