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Brushing your hair a hundred times a day is the best care for skin “organ” and hair.

Skin detox, why is it important to get beautiful and thick hair?

The skin is rich in glands with nearly 200 sweat glands each cm2 and about 100.000 sebaceous glands. Fats and salts are deposited on  the skin and excreted overnight.

The skin growth rate is disturbed and it can result in dandruff. Exceeding greasy residues can lead to a too oily scalp. Besides, fats   change with body temperature and affect the skin flora. The scalp, full of toxins, should be cleared in order to give a better nourishment   to your hair roots with mineral salts. The skin should be stimulated to carry dirt and toxins outside the body. This can be done through   brushing.

The sebum of the hair gland, thanks to the natural bristles, can be uniformly distributed up to each hair end. Obviously, blood  circulation  is stimulated as well. Brushing facilitates an acid natural protection on the surface of the hair, since the salts get stuck in the  brush and  the fats stand over the entire hair length. This prevent to have dry ends and the hair can shine with natural and silky  brightness. Clearly,  this also gets rid of environmental dirt and dust from hair.

For this reason, in the morning after waking up, it’s important to brush your hair a hundred times!

How to brush, three to five minutes, hair and scalp, with the natural detox HAIR BRUSH:


·   Stand upright, lower your head forward to the level of the heart.

·   Place the natural detox HAIR BRUSH flat on the neck and pull, from the hairline over the entire length of the hair, up to the ends, following each brushing with your left hand to straighten your hair.

·  Now, brush your scalp with increasingly longer and extended brushings, from the top to the bottom, up to the forehead.

·   Brush a little bit forward, backward and diagonally.

·   Then, brush around your head, from the sides to the top.

·   Lastly, stand upright and brush your hair again to straighten it and then brush it again from your forehead to your neck. To do this, place your brush flat on the hairline and pull it downward, up to the ends.

Follow the brushing with your left hand in order to avoid the electrostatic charge of the hair. You can now style your hair.

You should repeat the above brushing steps three to five times.

Brushing is particularly suitable for people having:

·        Oily scalp and hair: sebum and fats are detached from the scalp;

·        Dandruff: salts and acids are removed and the scalp is cleansed;

·      Thin hair, with hair loss spots: toxins are reduced and more minerals can reach the hair roots through the blood circulation; hair   regrowth  is then stimulated.

·         Long hair: the mane becomes shinier and thicker.

Description: This high quality standard brush is suitable for the care and the everyday dry brushing of scalp and skin. Thanks to the  particular structure of the brush, your hair is gently and softly cleansed. The brush is suitable for all types of hair, and therefore for  women, men and children.

Natural detox HAIR BRUSH cleaning and care:

For daily use, the brush should be cleaned and washed regularly, since excess salt and sebum in the skin can be trapped on the bristles.

·       Remove hair form your brush after use.

·       The bristles should be washed once a month with lukewarm soapy water or with a gentle shampoo, preferably without wetting the wooden body.

·       After that, rinse the brush with water.

·       Let the brush dry at room temperature with bristles down. It is recommended not to use a hair dryer or a radiator to dry the brush. In this case the wooden body could be damaged causing a premature deterioration of the bristles.

 Brush materials:

- Completely natural product, which can last a lifetime if preserved with the right care

- Shape: oval

Bristles: hard, but flexible
Type of bristle: natural hair bristles

- Rows of bristles: 7 rows
- Material: solid beech wood
- Length: approx. 22 cm
- Brush surface: approx. 11 × 4 cm

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