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The home water activator system for bioceramics

Alkaline water, energizing & precious
The home water activator system for bioceramics contains mineral components and mineral oxides that are intended for
give your tap water the characteristics that are found only in the pure water of the sources!
Alkaline water with a strong antioxidant potential.
Discover how water activated through bioceramics brings benefits to your life.
The water activator system for bioceramics
it is a system that is produced with various ground and powdered minerals, mixed with mineral oxides and clays. The mixture is cooked at 1500 ° for the production of bioceramics.
The bioceramics are packaged in a fabric sachet and contain rare and precious minerals that can be used in glass jugs with an airtight cap or any other container with a maximum capacity of 2.5 liters. A sachet of bioceramics can, depending on the quality of the water, be used for 1 - 1.5 months and then replaced with a new sachet. The sachet used can be used for the care of flowers and plants.
Water activated by bioceramics has characteristics that are found only in nature. The activator allows to produce an excellent alkaline water with the natural antioxidant life force at low cost starting from the simple drinking water of the home tap.
Water activated with bioceramics corresponds to the quality of spring water. Clearly eliminates chlorine, is alkalizing and reaches an antioxidant potential, very important for our health, of over -250MV.
Laboratory analysis confirmed and emphasized that the activator:
  • Alkalinates water
  • Strongly eliminates / reduces chlorine
  • Makes water strongly antioxidant
  • Produces 100% ecological alkaline water
  • Makes drinking more water easier
  • Reproduces the characteristics of pure spring water
Remove the bag with the bioceramics from the protective aluminum bag. Insert it into the jug or water bottle or water container. When using ALKALINE for the first time, fill the container 1/3 with tap water, close with the hermetic lid, shake vigorously and empty it, repeat the operation twice.
At this point, to activate the water, the first time, fill the container with tap water and wait 50 minutes. The same waiting time each time the container is emptied.
To keep the water always active after the first use, fill the container as soon as the water level drops to 1/4. The remaining water will act as "mother water" and activate all the water in 15/20 minutes.
- Remember to keep the container, with ALKALINE inside, always full of water.
- Use hermetically sealed containers, so as not to disperse ions released by ALKALINE in contact with water. In some cases the smell of the released gases could be perceived, which indicates the normal operation of ALKALINE.
- With use, normal deposits of minerals could form, or chlorine eliminated by precipitation, inside the container. To eliminate them, it is advisable to remove ALKALINE, pour 30% vinegar into the container and the remaining part of water, leave for 30 minutes, rinse and reintroduce ALKALINE with new water.
- We absolutely advise against adding other products such as supplements, salts, vitamins, etc. in the container with ALKALINE.
ALKALINE HOME (2 sachets per pack) is recommended for use of about 1 month and a half or 180 liters * over this period it is advisable to replace the bag with bioceramics to always have the maximum yield. ALKALINE HOME can activate up to a maximum of 2.5 liters at a time.
ALKALINE SLIM, ALKALINE SPORT and ALKALINE BABY & KID (2 sachets per pack) are recommended for use of about 1 month or 100 liters * from the time of activation in water, after this period it is advisable to replace the bag with bioceramics to always have the maximum yield ALKALINE SLIM, SPORT and BABY & KID can activate up to a maximum of 1.0 liters at a time.
* Duration and yield may vary based on the use and quality of the treated water.
ALKALINE cannot under any circumstances replace a healthy and biodynamic dietary life, but only favor a rapid electrolytic reorganization, vital for the human being. Essential in fasting and / or vegetarian, fruitarian diet and in normal sanitizing and / or curative diet.

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