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Dolcevita Alkaline Lifestyle is a natural and holistic lifestyle with many benefits

This lifestyle is based on biochemical balances in the body. The acid-alkaline equilibrium in the body should keep the right pH in the different parts suitable for the processes in the organism.
As a result, too many acids for a modern lifestyle full of stress, indurtrial food and drink, electrosmog, smoke, alcohol, etc. they create disturbances and discomfort.
Turtleneck Alkaline Lifestyle helps people learn the "maintenance" of their body by keeping the balance with nutrition and removing the acids and toxins through a purification. The organs and above all the intestine are also detoxified.
"Miraculously" people lean out, the skin shines, the energy and the joy of life come back!

Our methods: be detox, be colon-slim, be slim, be sport and be anti-cellulite are based on many years of experience and research.