Sango Coral Powder - 150g

Sango Coral Powder - 150g

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Fossil, pure, ionized marine Sango coral powder is a 100% natural product. Contains over 70 elements, mineral salts and trace elements. The ionized structure of the mineral salts makes this coral one of the most mineralizing compounds for the human body. It has a very high bioavailability. It does not need to be digested and due to its ionic state, only 30 minutes after taking it, it is already available in the blood. Daily intake helps maintain the right acid-alkaline balance and remineralises deficient tissues.
It is recommended for:
• osteoporosis
• hair loss and baldness
• problems with teeth and caries
• brittle nails
• capillaries
• skin improvement.
Especially suitable:
• for sportsmen
• for growing children
• in the period of pregnancy and menopause
• in times of stress and excessive physical load
• during periods of detox or fasting
• it is not collected in coral reefs but, being fossil, in mines under state control, with mechanical procedures
• certified by the Italian Ministry of Health
• VeganOK certified!
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