ARGILLA VERDE fine powder for face and body - 700 g

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The green clay is the queen of the mineral kingdom and is full of solar energy and vitality. A unique commodity that turns clay into an outstanding beauty product.
The green millennial clay, is a natural anti-aging that regenerates, firms, detoxifies, remineralizes, stimulates, anti-inflammatory and can improve the overall appearance of the skin.
We recommend the green clay for problem skin washes (acne, fat large-pored skin), as a face mask to calm and clarify the skin, as well as a facial mask for remineralization and firming.
The green clay acts as a mask pore-refining, clarifying, refreshing, firming and remineralising.
It is, depending on the skin type, mixed with E & M Vital ionized beauty water, aloe vera gel, as well as with high-quality oils and additionally with essential oils and then used as a mask.
The exposure time is 10 to 15 minutes.
Sun-dried clay with a beneficial effect
Content 100g

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