ALCALINA 0-12 BABY&KID alkaline water activator 2 sachets

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Bioceramics activator system for home water


Alkaline, energizing & precious water

Bioceramics home drinking water activator system contains mineral elements and oxides of minerals with the aim of

giving your tap water the features that can be found only in spring pure water!

Alkaline water with a stronger antioxidant potential.

Discover how water activated by bioceramics benefits your life.


Bioceramics water activator system

It is a system made by different grinded and powdered minerals, combined with oxides of minerals and clays. The mixture is then fired at 1500°C for the production of bioceramics.

Bioceramics are wrapped in a cloth sachet and they contain rare and precious minerals that can be used in glass pitcher with hermetic cap or any other container with its maximum capacity of 2,5 litres. One bioceramics sachet can, depending on the water quality, be used for 1 – 1,5 months and then it must be replaced by a new sachet. The old sachet can be used in flowers and plants care.

The water activated by bioceramics has some features that can only be found in nature. The activator allows the production of an excellent alkaline water with the natural antioxidant vital energy at a low cost starting from the simple home tap water.

The water activated by bioceramics is equivalent to the quality of spring water. It clearly removes chlorine, it is an alkalizing agent and it reaches an antioxidant potential, very important for our health, of over -250MV.

Laboratory testing confirmed and highlighted that the activator:

·     “Alkalinizes” water

·     Removes/ significantly reduces chlorine

·     Makes water highly antioxidant

·     Produces 100% ecological alkaline water

·     Makes us drink much more water easily

·     Recreates the spring pure water features




Remove the sachet with bioceramics from the protective aluminum sleeve. Put it into the pitcher or bottle or water container. First use of ALCALINA, fill 1/3 of the container with tap water, close the hermetic cap, shake it vigorously and empty it, repeat the operation twice.

At this stage, to activate water, the first time, fill the container with tap water and wait 50 minutes. The same waiting time whenever the container will be emptied.



To ensure water is always activated after first use, fill the container once the water level drops to1/4. The remaining water will work as “starting water” and it will activate all the water in 15/20 minutes.



  • Remember to maintain the container, with ALCALINA inside, always full of water.
  • Use airtight containers, to avoid the dissipation of the ions released by ALCALINA exposed to water. In some cases, you can smell the odor of the gases, indicating the ALCALINA normal operation.
  • Its use can create some normal deposits of minerals, or the chlorine eliminated by precipitation, inside the container. To dispose of them it’s advised to remove ALCALINA, pour 30% of vinegar and the remaining water into the container, let it react for 30 minutes, rinse it and re-introduce ALCALINA with new water.
  • It’s not absolutely recommended to add other products like supplements, salts, vitamins, etc. in the container with ALCALINE.



ALCALINA HOME (2 small bags each package) is recommended for about 1 month and a half use or 180 litres* Exceeding this limit, it is advised to replace the bioceramics sachet to always have the maximum efficiency. ALCALINA HOME can activate up to a maximum of 2,5 litres at a time.



ALCALINA SLIM, ALCALINA SPORT and ALCALINA BABY&KID (2 small bags each package) are recommended for about 1-month use or 100 litres* since activation in water. Exceeding this limit, it is advised to replace the bioceramics sachet to always have the maximum efficiency. ALCALINA SLIM, ALCALINA SPORT and ALCALINA BABY&KID can activate up to a maximum of 1,0 litre at a time.






*the life and the efficiency may vary depending on the use and on the quality of the treated water.

ALCALINA cannot, in no case, replace a healthy and biodynamic diet, but it can only boost a fast electrolyte balance, which is essential for human being. Basic in case of fasting and/or in vegetarian diets, fruitarian diets and in ordinary sanitizing and/or therapeutic diets.


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