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Description: beauty OZONOIL face and body is a precious vegetable skin oil with excellent healing and soothing properties. It is 100% natural, without chemical additives, parabens, paraffins, emulsifiers, preservatives, perfumes, chemical surfactants.

What to know about Ozone:

Ozone (O3) is the unstable form of oxygen (O), rich in energy, that is a “super” oxygen made up of triatomic molecules or other allotropes of oxygen. Being one of the elements of the atmosphere natural gas it protects the earth through an effective filter against the sun’s excessive ultraviolet radiations. The antibacterial, antiviral and fungicidal benefits of ozone-oxygen mixtures have been known for a long time.

Properties: it is very similar to the skin sebum and it has a great affinity with the lipid layer. The application of ozone in connection with the lipids hinders the total destruction of cells and it enables a fast regeneration of organs, unhealthy or aged tissues (e.g. burns, common wounds or wrinkles).

It also contains glycerin, triterpene acid, linoleic acid and vitamin E. These constituents have a powerful anti-aging effect on the skin. The external application of beauty OZONOIL face and body allows the oxygen to directly penetrate the tissues. Two new substances, coming from the combination of olive oil and ozone, are peroxides and ozonides which are able to deeply penetrate the skin layers and to release the active oxygen directly in the tissues.

This method of oxygen supply makes a regular cellular “respiration” possible. The fermentation processes, due to the cellular energetic supply, will then disappear. The reduction of harmful fermentation processes results in a significant reduction of slags (i.e. cellulitis). Thanks to the affinity of ozone with the lipids and the body fluids, the benefits are further improved. These ozonated oily substances, by binding with muscle tissue or blood, lower the contents of peroxides. This means that the active oxygen enters the blood directly and it has a “respiratory” function in the muscle tissue, enriching it with oxygen. Thus, the wound healing process is accelerated.

Although ozonated olive oil has the same antigerm action as other chemical compounds, it is unique in many ways. Being fat-soluble, and favoured for its low surface tension, it ensures the

penetration of the tissues without sticking and deposits.

Benefits for our beauty:

  • anti-aging: there are incredible results especially against small wrinkles, eye contour, mouth and décolleté with the innovative beauty OZONOIL face and body: put a thin layer at night on the areas of skin with wrinkles and very clear marks. Throughout the night the molecules of pure oxygen activate their own natural repair mechanism;
  • the skin tone clearly improves. It means that the skin becomes silky and tonic and it can be felt as fresher and vital;
  • it relieves and regenerates problematic skin such as irritated, damaged or acne skin;
  • it is suitable especially for people with sensitive skin or skin tending to allergies;
  • cosmetic toning of tissue;
  • it reduces cellulite and local fat deposits;
  • it protects from UV rays and it acts as a natural sunscreen with an SPF of about 15;
  • it instantly relieves the skin as After-Sun care and it improves suntan;
  • it lightens age spots and creates a uniform skin colour effect;
  • it clearly improves stretch marks;
  • it purifies the skin and activates the natural hair growth.

Good results have been achieved by the use of the beneficial ozonides for the skin also for health problems such as:

  • a quantity of skin diseases like dermatitis and psoriasis
  • acute arthritis
  • strongly fungicidal action
  • antimicrobial and antiviral action (e.g. against herpes)
  • for wounds and inflamed skin
  • for burns
  • for scars, it accelerates all the healing processes
  • highly appreciated as a means of wounds healing and as disinfectant
  • for insect bites
  • for bedsores
  • for inflammations and gumboils


The ozonated oil components are better absorbed by putting it on slightly damp skin. Ozonides absorption in the skin is optimised if applied with a massage, so that the supply into the tissues is stimulated and the skin is regenerated. To be used:

  • for face skin care it can be used in the morning and in the evening;
  • for problematic skin even more than once a day;
  • for body skin care after a shower or a bath to be massaged on the wet skin;
  • as massage oil;
  • using it for an excellent moisturizing daily peeling care mixing 1:1 beauty OZONOIL face and body with bath salt dolomites BEAUTYSALT pH10
  • as base oil for body treatments and compresses.

Suitable for all kinds of skin, even for the sensitive skin of babies and children.

Package: it is optimally preserved in a small bottle made of precious dark ceramic and in a rechargeable roll-on, practical for when you are on the go or on the road. The chemical compound of the ozonated oil is stable for years and it keeps its precious efficacy over time. Even after many years of usage of ozonated oxygen no collateral effects have been observed.

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