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Dolomites BEAUTYSALT pH10, detox and infusion, is a product without dyes, perfumes, preservatives, paraffins, animal ingredients and chemical surfactants.
Ingredients (INCI): Sodium Chloride, Calcium Carbonate, Sodium Bicarbonate, Magnesium Carbonate, Sodium Phosphate, Potassium Bicarbonate, Dolomite.
Peculiarity: the Dolomites BEAUTYSALT pH10 bath salt has a fine and pithy consistency and is particularly suitable for sweet peels and alkaline body treatments. It also dissolves easily in the bath water.
Due to the high pH value the exposure times of the baths are shortened for a more intense expulsion of toxins.
It is a completely natural, multi-functional product that can be integrated in different ways for daily body care.
The addition of Dolomite powder turns it into a "mine" of "saline-osmotic" mineral salts capable of neutralizing acids and raising the basic pH of the solution. They also have an anti-stress and vasodilation action.
For whom and what are detox baths and alkaline applications suitable?
  • for prevention and to combat cellulite and obesity caused by intoxication;
  • for a soft, smooth and toned skin that optimally self-hydrates and requires a minimum amount of body care products;
  • as an optimal cure for dry and hardened skin (calluses); becomes soft and silky again;
  • normalizes excessive sebum production of oily and impure skin (acne);
  • it gives immediate relief to dermatitis, psoriasis or mycosis, to problematic skin, in general;
  • the best and natural care for delicate skin of babies and children;
  • against insomnia, for a wonderful quality of sleep;
  • against stress, an alkaline-detox bath completely relaxes body, mind and soul;
  • in the event of extreme tiredness and exhaustion, it facilitates recovery and fast regeneration;
  • during periods of detoxification it relieves the organs of expulsion, expelling many dissolved toxic substances, through the skin;
  • in the particular phases of a woman, eg during pregnancy, menopause where the cycle is missing (monthly expulsion of toxins), the body can be lifted through the alkaline-detox baths;
  • for athletes, to avoid muscle pain, quickly expel lactic acid after training and thus reduce regeneration times;
Bath salt is suitable for bathrooms and outdoor applications.
For a complete bath (180 liters of water) 3 full spoons are used, for a footbath or hand bath (5 liters of water) 1 tablespoon of salt. It is also suitable for the hot tub and pool, 3 or 4 tablespoons of salt are enough. If you have large tubs, use 1 or 2 more spoons. Tip: for the hot tub, first completely dissolve the salt.
The optimum temperature for bath water is 37 ° C; the duration of the bath from 20 to 50 minutes or, if desired, a longer duration.
For the cleaning of the bathtub after the alkaline bath it is optimal to use vinegar or a vinegar-based detergent.
  • from 2 to 3 footbaths per week, from 20 to 50 minutes each, can be integrated into daily life; at the desk, when reading or watching television or before sleeping;
  • 1 to 2 full baths a week, optimal before going to bed as a relaxing ritual after a tiring day.
How to use Dolomites bath salt BEAUTYSALT pH10 detox and infusion:
Complete alkaline bath: during the bath, the brushes of the body are particularly pleasant and effective, to be carried out every 15 minutes, with our bath brush with removable handle in the direction of the fingers / hands up to the armpits and from the toes to the groin . Also important are the brushing of fat accumulation areas and other "critical" areas.
Alkaline hand bath and foot bath: optimal in case of skin irritations, mycosis, corns, water retention or age spots. In particular, the feet are the ideal tool to expel excess toxins, not for nothing are called "auxiliary kidneys". The baths can, according to the season, be hot, fresh or as in the case of foot baths, alternating hot and cold. During baths, to keep the joints of the hands and feet supple and to expel toxins and acids even better, brushing is done with our nail brush for feet and hands.
The alkaline wet brushing of feet and hands is recommended especially in the morning, after getting up, because during the night many acids and toxins accumulate in the extremities.
Alkaline shower: after the soaping and rinsing of the body some alkaline salt is placed on a cloth and gently passed over the whole body. Leave to work for a short time and rinse!
Alkaline deodorization: apply a little alkaline bath salt under the washed underarms, which are still slightly moist. Allow to dry. Not having bad smells, feeling healthy and safe becomes an easy thing!
In the case of heavy sweats, however, we recommend the use of our alkaline deodorant without aluminum.
Alkaline mask and face care: put warm water in a cup with a teaspoon of alkaline bath salt. Add to the clay solution and a teaspoon of Beauty Ozonoil ozonated olive oil, mix until it becomes a homogeneous mixture. Then apply the mass on the face and décolleté. An alkaline tissue mask is soaked in the solution of water and alkaline salt, put on the mask and left to work for half an hour. This is exclusive wellness for the face!
Rinsing the alkaline nose: put a knife tip of our Dolomites BEAUTYSALT pH10 detox and infusion salt in the bottle for alkaline nose cleaning and dissolve it. Rinse the nose and paranasal sinuses several times with the alkaline solution. With these rinses we free the head, jaws and sinuses and strengthen the defenses of the whole head, mouth and all the oral cavity.
Alkaline care for children: a full spoon of Dolomites BEAUTYSALT pH10 detox and infusion salt is enough for a children's pool (about 20 liters). This bath contributes to self-hydration of the delicate skin of children and is so sweet that it does not burn in contact with the eyes.
In the evening an alkaline bath can be a valid aid to let babies and children sleep. It is especially suitable for very sensitive skin and gives immediate relief to reddened and pitted skin from diapers. In summer you can think of a children's paddling pool (20 liters) with 1 heaped teaspoon of Dolomites bath salt BEAUTYSALT ph10 detox and infusion. Alkaline skin care is better protection against sunburn.
Gentle and alkaline body peeling: mix 1 teaspoon of Dolomites BEAUTYSALT pH10 detox and infusion salt with olive oil and our Ozonoil Beauty Ozonized Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1: 1 and massage. Those who love perfumes can add 1 or 2 drops of essential oil to the rose. Hardened, acidified muscles (muscle pain) relax more quickly and effectively and the skin becomes smooth and silky. This sweet alkaline peeling can be applied daily after a shower.
Alkaline intimate (vaginal and anal) care: constant relief in the tub, shower or bidet. Especially this practice is important in the hot season! After washing with alkaline water, do not rinse; simply let it dry. In particular it is very important for the protection and maintenance of the balance of the mucous membranes of the female genital apparatus.
Socks for alkaline treatments: put 1 teaspoon full of Dolomites BEAUTYSALT pH10 detox and infusion salt in about 1 liter of warm water and dissolve well. Soak the inner cotton stockings in the solution, squeeze them, put them on, put on the second pair of wool socks and keep them on all night or until they are dry (2 or 3 hours). For those suffering from cold feet we recommend a hot water bag. After a night of deep sleep you will feel your feet miraculously and pleasantly cool down. Seeing is believing!
Alkaline sauna: before making a Finnish or infrared sauna it is recommended to gently massage the slightly damp skin with Dolomites bath salt BEAUTYSALT ph10 detox and infusion. You sweat first and the toxin ejection is intensified.
Steam bath: after about 5 minutes in the steam bath, massage the whole body with a creamy mixture of Dolomites BEAUTYSALT pH10 detox and infusion and honey (1: 1) and let it act on the skin for about 10 minutes. After finishing the steam bath and after a shower you will have a toned and silky skin, which no longer needs either a shower gel, shampoo or other body care products. The skin is already deeply clean!
Alkaline packs and bandages: 1 liter of hot water is prepared with 1 teaspoon of Dolomites BEAUTYSALT pH10 detox and infusion salt. A cloth is soaked in water, squeezed and applied to the part to be treated. The part is then wrapped with a dry cloth or bandage and left to work for 1 to 3 hours. As needed, you can still add a bag of hot water.
Alkaline inhalation: take about 2 liters of boiling water with 1 teaspoon of Dolomites bath salt BEAUTYSALT pH10 detox and infusion. It is inhaled as needed, two to three times a day, for two or three minutes.

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