Vegetable mixture BÍO without mushrooms Shiitake - 750g

Vegetable mixture BÍO without mushrooms Shiitake - 750g

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Unlike cereals such as wheat, corn and rice, buckwheat also has the essential amino acid lysine. In the body, lysine is responsible for many functions and is very important for the formation of enzymes, hormones and tissue repair. Lysine maintains the nitrogen balance, strengthens the arterial walls and thus contributes to the health of the cardiovascular system.
Bulgur is made from crushed whole wheat, so even the usual bulgur of durum wheat is a good choice. Buckwheat scores, however, compared to spelled-like wheat with a higher nutrient content. Buckwheat is easy to digest and gives strength to the body and brain for the day. Asians call buckwheat "the power of the hot sun", farmers like to use it to detoxify the land for organic farming. He is very resistant and undemanding when he grows up, he likes her sterile. I personally these plants fascinate more than once that there is not much need of any particular on the ground, not much sun ... yet so full of vitality, from which we still benefit. Incidentally, the name does not sound like buckwheat, but it is gluten-free for this.
Amaranth is a wonderful grain that is not really any, because it belongs to the group of so-called pseudo-cereals. The small amaranth grains contain an incredible amount of nutrients and easily digestible vital substances. This makes Amaranth not only for the elderly, children and athletes so precious, because this grain power is a blessing for all people. To the delight of all those who have problems with gluten in cereals, the Amaranth is absolutely gluten-free. Let yourself be of its fine, nutty flavor as well as its various for the preparation of überzeugen.Amaranth in terms of its share of vital substance all pale cereals. Particularly noteworthy in this context are extremely high magnesium content, as well as its high content of calcium, iron and zinc richness is exceptional.
Sunflower seeds
Because of the bird food alone: ​​don't be fooled by the small size and discretion of sunflower seeds - there is pure power behind it! Or would you have thought that even 100 g of crunchy seeds carry more protein than a steak? To learn more about the health and culinary benefits of the delicious seeds here, sunflower seeds are the absolute leader in folic acid: around 100
The micrograms of this vitamin B are in 100 g. This makes them particularly useful for pregnant and lactating women who have an increased need for folic acid. But the protein content of sunflower seeds can mark - they also contain more protein than most fish, meat and poultry, and therefore necessarily belong to the most important food for vegetarians and vegans.
Lupins are beautiful flowers that bloom in the fields in a variety of colors. Lupins belong to the legume family and form pea-like seeds in a pod. Edible lupine seeds are found in white, yellow and blue sweet lupins. They have a yellow color and a pleasant nutty flavor. The seeds of sweet lupins are very nutritious. With their extraordinary nutritional compounds that help lower blood pressure, improve glucose metabolism in diabetics and reduce the glycemic load of other carbohydrate-containing foods. Lupins promote intestinal health, act as precious prebiotics and are a valuable source of essential amino acids. Lupine flour is completely gluten-free and is a wonderful alternative to gluten-containing flours. Due to the high protein content, the seeds of sweet lupine are often used as meat substitutes. Lupine seeds owe their yellow color mainly to the carotenes. Carotenes belong to the group of phytochemicals and protect the plant from too strong sunlight. In the human body they provide protection against dangerous free radicals and are converted to vitamin A, among other things. Vitamin A is important for bone growth and vision.
Thiamine is important for the metabolism of carbohydrates and lipids and for maintaining the function of the nervous system. Folic acid: helps cells metabolize proteins and controls gene activity.
Lupine seeds are a source of important minerals and trace elements. They contain potassium, zinc, manganese, magnesium, calcium, iron and copper. The zinc content in lupine seeds promotes immune function and helps regulate gene activity. In turn, manganese neutralizes free radicals, prevents cell damage and supports the healthy growth of cartilage and bones. Magnesium uses the body to maintain healthy bone density, to support muscle function and to transmit signals to cells. The copper content in lupine seeds helps the body use iron and supports the function of the spinal cord and brain.
Shiitake mushrooms
The shiitake mushroom is called the king of medicinal mushrooms. It has a lot of vitamin B for nerves and metabolism. It contains a lot of copper and is a supplier of high quality protein. People with intestinal disease or chronic inflammation can benefit particularly well from the healing effects of Shiitake. Shiitake is the digestive system and also has a positive influence on intestinal flora. The medicinal mushroom promotes the growth of important for the probiotic bacteria of the intestine and due to its antibacterial properties against harmful pathogens. B. Acts of Candida albicans.

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