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BEAUTY moment?
We have selected for you 5 Dolcevita Alkaline Lifestyle products!
Give yourself a moment of well-being and relaxation.

Inside the "Be BEAUTY" package you will find:
- 10 reusable fabric masks
- Green clay for external use of 700 grams
- 50 gram Dolomites BEAUTYSALT pH10 bath salt
- 60 grams ZEOLITE Beauty Powder
- beauty OZON OIL face and body 100 ml.

Green clay is known for its sebum-regulating and purifying properties, the basic ingredient of face masks to give your skin a brighter and cleaner look!

Immerse the fabric masks in water and Dolomites BEAUTYSALT pH10 bath salt to maintain your mask to make your clay mask dry more slowly and increase its beneficial effect.
Thanks to the addition of the Dolomites BEAUTYSALT you will give your skin the possibility to expel acids and toxins even better!

With the ZEOLITE Beauty Powder, if mixed with clay, you will increase the beneficial effect, for an even more beautiful and luminous skin!
The perfect combination for a powerful effect mask!

Last but not least, our Beauty OZON OIL, a precious vegetable oil with excellent soothing and healing properties.
Very similar to the sebum of the skin, it quickly regenerates the tissues.
It is therefore a powerful anti-aging able to make our skin more silky and toned!

By purchasing our package you will save 20% compared to buying the products individual.

You will find our product card booklet and the step by step procedure to use them in your skincare!

This includes the following individual products

ARGILLA VERDE fine powder for face and body - 700 g
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Face/neck fabric masks - 10pcs
1 piece(s)
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beauty powder ZEOLITE 60g
1 piece(s)
19.90 € / 1 piece(s) *
dolomites BEAUTYSALT pH10 detox and infusion - 600g
1 piece(s)
3.90 € / 1 piece(s) *
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