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beauty OZONOIL ROLL ON, 10ml, the powerful combination of olive oil and active oxygen. beauty OZONOIL is a valuable vegetable oil for skin with excellent healing and soothing properties. It is 100% natural with no chemical additives, parabens, paraffin, emulsifiers, preservatives, fragrances, chemical surfactants. 

To know about ozone: 

Ozone (O3) is the unstable form of oxygen (O), full of energy, i.e. a "super" consists of triatomic oxygen or oxygen molecules in other state allotropic. As a component of the atmosphere gas protects the earth through effective filter against excess ultraviolet rays from the sun. Already for a long time they are known antibacterial benefits, antiviral and fungicides of ozone-oxygen mixtures. 

Properties: is very similar to the sebum in the skin and has a great affinity with the lipid layer. The application of ozone in connection with lipids impedes the total destruction of the cells and enables fast regeneration of organs, diseased or aged tissues (example Burns, wounds generic or wrinkles). 

It also contains glycerin, triterpene acid, linoleic acid and vitamin E. These components have a powerful anti-aging on the skin function. 

Through the external application of beauty OZONOIL, oxygen penetrates directly into the tissues. Two new substances, that are born from a combination of olive oil with ozone, are peroxides and ozonides who have the ability to penetrate deeply into the skin layers and to release active oxygen directly to tissues. 

With this method of oxygen supply it is made possible a regular "breathing" phone. Disappear then the fermentation processes due to cellular energy supply. The reduction of harmful fermentation processes leads to the important reduction of slag (example Cellulite). Thanks affinity ozone with lipids and body fluids, the benefits are further improved. 

These ozonate binding oily substances with muscle tissue or blood lower the peroxide content. It means that the active oxygen goes directly into the blood and has a "breathing" role in muscle tissue, enriching it with oxygen. It is thus accelerated wound healing. 

Despite the ozonized olive oil have in common the anti-germ action with other chemical compounds, it is unique in several respects. It is fat soluble, and favored for its low surface tension, ensures the tissue penetration without sticking and fouling. 


Benefits for our beauty: 

- anti-aging: especially against small wrinkles around the eyes, mouth and neck are obtained stunning results with the innovative beauty OZONOIL: apply a thin layer in the evening on the parts of the skin with wrinkles and very clear signs; during the night the pure oxygen molecules activate their own natural repair mechanism; 

- skin tone improves clearly, means that the skin becomes silky and toned and feels more fresh and alive; 

- soothes and regenerates the skin problems like skin irritated, damaged or acne; 

- particularly suitable way for people with sensitive skin or skin that tends to allergies; 

- cosmetic tissue toning; 

- reduces cellulite and local fat deposits; 

- protects from UV rays and a natural sunscreen ca. SPF 15; 

- calms the skin immediately as care After-Sun and enhances the tan; 

- lightens age spots and create a uniform effect of skin color; 

- improve stretch marks in a very obvious way; 

- cleanses the skin and activates the natural growth of hair. 


Good results have been obtained with the use of ozonidi benefits to the skin also for health problems such as: 

- a quantity of skin diseases such as eg. dermatitis and psoriasis 

- acute arthritis 

- strongly fungicidal action 

- antimicrobial and antiviral action (eg. herpes) 

- wounds and skin problems inflamed 

- for scalding 

- scars, accelerates all processes of healing 

- appreciated as a means of healing wounds and as a disinfectant 

- for insect bites 

- for bedsores 

- inflammation and gum abscesses 



The ozonated oil components are absorbed better by applying it on slightly damp skin. By applying a massage is optimized absorption ozonides in the skin, the blood supply in the tissues and the skin tissue regeneration is stimulated. To use: 

- as skin care for the face can be used morning and evening; 

- even for problematic skin several times a day; 

- care of the body skin after shower or bath massage it on damp skin; 

- as a massage oil; 

- using it as a great scrub daily moisturizer by mixing 1: 1 with beauty OZONOIL bathrooms Dolomites BEAUTYSALT pH10; 

- as a base oil for treatments and wraps 

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