Body Ionic Brush energizing and anti-cellulite

Body Ionic Brush energizing and anti-cellulite

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Massages with different kinds of brushes play an important role in the holistic DOLCEVITA ALKALINE LIFESTYLE to enjoy so much wellness and relaxation, shining skin and a slim figure!

Skin and epidermis, besides being protective organs, are also expulsion organs.

All the toxins that are not expelled from the body, head towards skin and epidermis. They are expelled right through the glands located in these organs.

Regular brush, both dry and wet, stimulates the expulsion of toxins through our biggest body organ, the skin, and purifies it. It stimulates the flow of lymph and blood, and the wastes are eliminated from the body. By dry brush with our ionic brushes, the skin can be oxygenated. The connective tissue and the skin itself are toned up and therefore regenerated.

It’s important to know that: the cleaner our body is, the more beautiful our skin is!

Wet brushes (while taking baths, footbaths and hand baths with our dolomites BEAUTYSALT pH10 bath salt), done by using:


  • Bath brush with removable handle;
  • Nail, hand and foot brush (in the extremities a lot of wastes sediment);
  • Children nail brush, with animal motif.


Dry brushes, done by using:

  • Body Ionic Brush, energizing and anti-cellulite;
  • Face Ionic Brush, revitalizing and anti-aging;
  • Hair brush

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