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Description: Oxygen is the most important element of our organism (80% of our body consists of oxygen). The oxygen ions, electrically charged, constitute our elixir of life. We can take them from water, air and food. Moreover, we can produce them by rubbing our skin with brushes that have bristles made of special metal alloys.

Thanks to the molecular structure of the bronze bristles (copper-tin alloy), of which our face ionic BRUSH, revitalizing and anti-aging is made, these ions with negative charge (anions) can be produced by brushing directly the skin. They are absorbed straight by the skin itself and are immediately available for our organism, which uses them for the oxygenation of cells. After brushing, the effect is immediate and it is particularly beneficial and pleasant.


  • The ions, electrically charged, oxygenate, therefore, the skin directly and have the effect of revitalizing the skin layers rejuvenating the skin.
  • In addition, the resulting peeling effect removes dead skin cells, thus making the skin brighter and more uniform.
  • By stimulating blood circulation, the skin glows, getting a beautiful natural color.
  • Brushing relaxes the muscles of the face, small wrinkles disappear and the face is more relaxed.
  • The "tingling" effect that occurs on the skin, gives the face instant relaxation and wellness.
  • the "lymphatic drainage" effect helps to expel, through the lymphatic system, toxins and waste much faster.
  •  For the resulting purification of the lymph, pimples and impurities are reduced.
  • The skin becomes more elastic and it can better withstand the most diverse environmental factors: sun, stale air or dry air.

How to use: It is recommended to use the brush every day in the morning and/or in the evening for 3 minutes on the face and on the clean décolleté, before applying cosmetic and care products. The oxygen ions stimulate the microcirculation on the skin and have an anti-aging effect, activating the energy flows at the epidermal level!

The brush massage should be done in a gentle and delicate way, without pressure since the facial skin is often very sensitive.

Application: For an effective treatment of the "nose, forehead and eyes” region, you can brush these three parts by “drawing" a horizontal eight with the brush.

Then brush the hairline, on the right and on the left, up to the armpits. It thus stimulates the lymph in the direction of expulsion, moving the flow towards the axillary lymph glands. Give from three to five rubs along the neck, vertically, towards the armpits.

The brush can also be used for professional massage, by carrying out the facial massage with two brushes with both hands.

Suggestion: Treating the skin with natural creams with alkaline pH and beauty OZONOIL after brushing, the beneficial effects will be improved.

Brush Cleaning:

Rub the brush on your hand palm, a couple of times, vigorously; beat the brush, on the side of the bristles, against a hard and flat base to make the little skin cuticles, trapped in the bristles, fall.


Brush materials:

Wooden body: beech.

Bristles: inside, thin bronze wires; outside, pure horsehair.

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