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Let’s start the day with our “Buongiorno Alcalino”, the hands and feet brushing in cold water.

Application: Run 3 litres or so of cold water in the sink or bidet. Add a teaspoon of a bath salt dolomites BEAUTYSALT pH 10 and dissolve it in the water. Brush hands and feet thoroughly.

Put your hands in cold water and start brushing the nails and each finger, the thumbs, the palm and the back and then the sides. Rub even your arms up to the elbow.

Direction and pressure of brushing should be directed toward the fingertips. 



It would be optimal to rub each hand and foot for a few minutes.

Soak our feet in the water too. Rub the nails, the upper side, the ankles, the heels. In the end rub the leg up to the knee as well. Here too, direction and pressure of brushing should be directed toward the toenails.





Description: Toxins and acids that the body can’t expel by kidneys, intestine or lungs, are eliminated through another expulsion organ, the skin.

The body tries to deposit the toxins far from vital organs and particularly in the extremities, hands and feet, which are very effective expulsion areas, as we can see from signs like excessive sweating, dandruff, calluses or debris under the nails. Night is the time for the rest and the detoxification of the body. Morning is therefore the optimal time for brushing in alkaline water. Acids and toxins accumulated through the night in our extremities are then excreted. Besides, this easy ritual gives us a feeling of well-being, vitality and freshness! It wakes us up better than a cup of coffee !!!


  • To optimise and boost the elimination of toxins and acids during the detoxification periods;
  • To remove age spots on the hands (deposits from excess acids in the skin);
  • To have a silky skin on hands and feet;
  • To prevent and eliminate calluses, sweating, pimples, impurities on hands and feet;
  • As a natural anti-aging remedy for hands and feet;
  • To get rid of morning fatigue and start the day in a fresh and awake state.

Brush for nails, hands and feet:



The shortest bristles of the brush are perfectly suitable to thoroughly clean fingernails and toenails from the night residues. With long bristles, instead, you can brush the skin of hands, arms, feet and legs properly.

Brush materials:

Wooden Body: layered beech wood with hard bristles (for wet or water massage).

Brush Care: Rinse it with clean water after use and let it dry on the long bristles side placed on a dry cloth or on the edge of the bathtub.

Do not dry the brush with the hair dryer or putting it on a radiator!

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