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Problem skin - neglected from inside and outside

Healthy skin protects humans from bacteria, fungi, parasites and viruses. It has a sturdy so-called protective coat, which is absolutely impenetrable to uninvited guests - similar to the mighty fortress walls of an impregnable castle.

Healthy skin is therefore an important requirement for the health of the whole body. Problem skin on the other hand is very susceptible and permeable to pathogens.

A skin automatically becomes a problematic skin when its resistance diminishes and it can no longer perform its functions satisfactorily.

Even allergies are rarely the cause of irritated skin, but one of the consequences. Allergies occur only when the skin has been weakened by the influence of other factors.

Weakened problem skin arises in the first place when man gives her neither the outside nor the inside the care that she would wish for.

Ozonated olive oil supports the skin in a way that can restore it to healthy and resistant skin.

Problem skin suffers from chronic oxygen deficiency

The natural stability of a healthy skin is therefore dependent on both internal and external influences.

The inner influences include the general health of the person concerned, his way of life and diet and the state of his soul life.

The external influences include skin care measures, but also environmental factors. Whatever irritates the skin is expressed in almost all cases in a chronic lack of oxygen, under which the cells of the skin have to suffer.

Tracking down the cause is often difficult. Metabolic disorders, for example, can lead to serious skin problems, but also circulatory disorders or an impairment of oxygen utilization by the tissue.


Oxygen deficiency leads to hyperacidity

However, oxygen is vital for cellular respiration, energy production and thus for all metabolic processes in the cell.

If there is too little oxygen in the tissue cells, the body must take emergency measures and gain the required energy through so-called anaerobic processes (anaerobic = without oxygen).

The oxygen-dependent oxidation is replaced by the oxygen-independent fermentation. During fermentation, however, unfavorable metabolic products (eg acids, especially lactic acid) are formed, which are stored in the connective tissue and lead to its acidification.

This in turn reduces the blood circulation of the skin and the oxygen supply is more difficult.

Acidification worsens the skin

A chronic lack of oxygen consequently leads to chronic hyperacidity. Hyperacidity seriously weakens the protective functions of the skin.

Pathogens such as bacteria, fungi and viruses can invade the body and find there optimal living conditions, namely an over-acidified tissue.

The body's immune system is working at full speed. Now, allergies have every chance of manifestation.

The overall state of man and his skin are deteriorating rapidly. Even wounds heal only hesitantly in an acidified environment.

It can also lead to eczema, skin fungus, acne, anal fissures and many other symptoms that indicate a problematic skin environment.

The solution: deacidification, diet change and ozonated olive oil

In addition to a thorough deacidification and a change in diet (basic nutrition), the use of a restoration of a healthy and oxygenated tissue and thus to a harmonious skin texture.


The big difference: ozone in the air and ozone in olive oil

Ozonated olive oil is an exceptionally oxygenated olive oil. It is caused by the introduction of triatomic oxygen called ozone in olive oil. Inhaled ozone may cause respiratory and pulmonary irritation or even damage.

However, when ozone is introduced into olive oil, the result (ozonated olive oil) enables people to fear without any side effects that they will fully enjoy all the health benefits of ozone or the substances produced by the reaction between ozone and olive oil ,


Ozonated olive oil: The powerful combination of olive oil and active oxygen

Olive oil itself is already considered an excellent skin care product with scientifically proven cancer protection and enormous healing potential in wounds.

The analgesic and cooling effect of olive oil makes it ideal for use in insect bites, burns and poorly healing wounds.

Even the ancient Egyptians used olive oil as the basis for healing skin ointments, and the main ingredient in Kleopatra's anti-wrinkle cream (supposed to be the first anti-wrinkle cream in humanity) was precious olive oil, along with milk, frankincense and juniper seed.

Ozone has been shown to have germicidal and disinfecting properties, so the combination of olive oil with triatomic oxygen not only potentiates the skin-care and protective action spectrum of olive oil, but also enhances it with its very specific antimicrobial properties.

In addition, the ozone's active oxygen combines with the constituents of the olive oil to form a chemical compound that has a particularly positive effect on damaged areas of the skin.

Ozonated olive oil is thus in the described weakening of the skin tissue (irritations, inflammation, allergies, etc.) in conjunction with a deacidification and diet change the drug of choice.

Oxygen penetrates directly into the tissue

Two of the new substances resulting from the combination of olive oil with ozone are peroxides and ozonides. Among other things, they have the ability to penetrate deeply into the layers of the skin, where they release the active oxygen directly to the tissue.

Fermentation processes for the energy supply of the cells are soon a thing of the past, because the now improved oxygen supply allows a proper cellular respiration. Damming the harmful fermentation processes also leads to a significant reduction of slag formation.

However, ozonated olive oil not only solves the two problems of oxygen deficiency and slag formation in the skin tissue, but also promotes particularly strong healing of the skin in inflammatory problems.

The latter is due to the strong antimicrobial properties of the ozonated olive oil, which can be used to quickly eliminate fungi and other microbes entering the skin.

The antimicrobial effect of ozonated olive oil

Two substances are responsible for this antimicrobial effect of the ozonated olive oil: pelargonic acid and caproic acid. Both arise only during the Ozonisierungsvorganges the olive oil.

Its germicidal effect affects both fungi and viruses and bacteria. These total disinfecting, antibacterial and antifungal properties of the ozonized

Olive oils lead to versatile fields of application:

Ozonated olive oil for wounds and inflammatory skin problems

Due to its low surface tension, ozonated olive oil easily penetrates into damaged skin layers. It can also penetrate to places that are inaccessible to some other disinfectants.

Active oxygen is immediately transferred to the blood and tissues. Disturbing microbes are eliminated. As a result, healing processes of all kinds are enabled, promoted and accelerated.

In inflammatory skin problems, burns of the tissue, but also in many other (poorly healing) wounds can be observed by the good wound cleansing ability of the ozonated oil increased Heilflächenzuwachs without disturbing scabbing. Its liquid consistency also makes it possible to apply it on painful areas of the skin.

Ozonated olive oil for the daily care of problem skin

Ozonated olive oil is also particularly suitable for the daily care of sensitive, stressed, irritated or damaged skin. Even with existing acne ozonated olive oil can be extremely helpful.

It activates the skin metabolism and thus promotes the regeneration capacity of the tissue.

The skin environment is altered to lose its attraction to harmful microorganisms. A relief of the body's own immune system and an increasingly insensitive to allergens skin are the pleasant consequences of continuous use of ozonated olive oil.

Ozonated olive oil for daily detoxification

The oil therapy, which after the Russian doctor Fedor Karach is done with olive oil (or even sunflower oil), has a very beneficial effect on well-being.

However, if the therapy is carried out with ozonated olive oil, the detoxifying effect will be enhanced. By the way, the oil therapy with ozonated olive oil has a particularly positive effect on gingivitis and other problems in the oral cavity.

Ozonated olive oil against parasites and stubborn bacteria

The internal use of ozonated olive oil is also recommended by more and more therapists. In conjunction with the amino acid L-cysteine, it should be able to eliminate worm infestation in the digestive tract.

A variant of ozonated olive oil is also being used in alternative antimicrobial borreliosis therapy, according to the therapists and doctors.

It is also being investigated to what extent ozonated olive oil can be used in the fight against cancer. Tumors are known to be very low-oxygen tissue, so remedy for the lack of oxygen in ulcers could stop the cancer.

Ozonated olive oil especially for sensitive people with sensitive skin

The positive effects of the ozonated olive oil have been well proven, so that its hitherto rare use and low level of awareness are highly regrettable.

Its excellent skin compatibility benefits people with sensitive or allergic skin.

Also, ozonated olive oil is preservative free, making it even more attractive to sensitive people.

The high content of antiseptic substances in the ozonated olive oil stifles any microbial colonization already in the bud, so that additional preservation would be completely superfluous.

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