INSTANT ALKALINE TEATOX Herbal tea for a deacidification of the body - 100g

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This instant tasty tea, made up of 13 precious pulverized natural herbs, is a complete mixture to effectively support body wellness during detoxification period. INSTANT ALKALINE TEATOX contributes to purify and expel the excess acids and toxins from our body and to maintain the acid-alkaline balance. 

Instructions for use: put a measuring cup (see inside the package) of instant powdered infusion in a teacup, add hot water, stir and drink the hot tea within one hour. Drink up to four cups (1 liter) of tea a day, away from meals. After each cup of tea, drink at least two cups of still water. We suggest to increase the amount of herbal tea per cup every two days until the maximum quantity of 1 liter per day has been reached. This quantity can be maintained throughout the detox period. 

IngredientsINSTANT ALKALINE TEATOX has strong alkalinizing properties, thanks to the presence of vegetal powders, such as: peppermint, birch leaves, blueberry leaves, rosemary leaves, pansy, horsetail, dandelion root, milk thistle, wild thyme, hawthorn leaves, burdock root, red tea leaves, green tea. 

Recommendationduring detoxification we suggest, in addition to a diet based on vegetal and alkalinizing food, to drink 2-3 l of alkaline water and to possibly take 12 measuring cups of powder or 12 pills of Sango Coral a day. A good mineralization helps to expel toxins. It is therefore optimal to take footbaths or baths with dolomites BEAUTYSALT Ph10 everyday to help our body to expel a larger quantity of waste through the skin. 


WrappingINSTANT ALKALINE TEATOX is wrapped in precious dark ceramic. 

Package content100 g 

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